Bayside Apartments in Worthing to honour ‘Jumbo’ the elephant

As selling agents of Worthing’s newest luxury development Bayside Apartments, it was with much interest that recent research carried out by the developer Roffey Homes on the new apartment’s location uncovered one of the towns strangest discoveries in Worthing’s maritime history; and it’s all to do with a baby elephant.

92 years ago, in November 1926, the Worthing Herald reported on a heart-breaking discovery by two fishermen of a baby elephant that had washed ashore at Splash Point in Worthing. The elephant calf, which became affectionately known as ‘Jumbo’, is believed to have been aboard a storm-hit ship which sank off the coast of Deal in Kent.

Due to the proximity of the historic discovery to the Bayside development, Roffey Homes have decided to erect a monument to commemorate Jumbo’s final resting place and where the town can pay their respects and find out more about this elephant’s story.

Ben Cheal, Roffey Homes Managing Director said “It seems only fitting to honour ‘Jumbo’ in our own small way, especially as the elephant calf is part of the town’s history, and his final resting place was so close to where we are building Bayside. It’s one of the strangest stories we’ve unearthed when researching historical data about one of our developments, so it’s great to share the tale with the residents and visitors to Worthing.”

The development of the old Aquarena site is moving quickly; specialist teams pulled down the old building over the course of a few weeks and the foundations of the new building are now being laid for the stunning 15-storey development known as Bayside, which will consist of 141 homes, and a new seafront plaza and cafe.


If you would like to receive further information on this iconic new development, to discuss off-plan reservations or to register your interest in Bayside, you can contact us on 01903 213 281 or email


Content accurate at time of publishing.

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