Essential Spring Property Maintenance Tips

Now that Winter is behind us and the sun has finally made an appearance, it is the perfect time to get out and do some essential maintenance on your property that could save you a bigger and more expensive job later on in the year.

Here are our tips for maintaining your property this Spring:

Clear your gutters

To do their job and prevent damage to the property from overflowing rainwater, gutters should be cleaned twice a year to prevent them from getting blocked with leaves and debris. You can save money by doing it yourself if you can work safely from a ladder but it might be worth hiring a professional if the property is over one storey high.

Inspect your Roof

Spotting roofing problems early with an annual roof inspection could save you a fortune. If you are confident about heights, you can use a roof ladder to take a closer look but you should start your search at ground level using a pair of binoculars which is better for your roof and safer for you.

Common problems to look out for:

Tiled roofs

  • Damp or leaks may signal a cracked or slipped tile
  • If a tile has blown off, it should be replaced quickly to prevent water from penetrating the felt underneath. Also, more tiles can be dislodged in high winds if there is one missing

Flat roofs

  • Cracks or splits round the edges
  • Sagging – as water builds up boards can break under the weight
  • Damp patches on the ceiling – the roof may have a tear

Anything up there? Check your loft for rodents or bird entry and wasps nests and call in a specialist pest controller to help you deal with the situation and prevent any damage that your unwanted visitors may cause. While you are up there, you can check the condition of water storage tanks and pipework and ensure they are properly covered and lagged. Insulation should not be laid under tanks.

Repair Paint

Keep painted surfaces in good repair by scraping off any chipped or peeling paint and spot paint any exposed surfaces to prevent rot. Check window and door frames for signs of damage as spotting problems early is a good way to save yourself time and money in the long run.

Tidy up your outside areas

With winter behind us, now is a good time to have a good tidy up in the garden and get it Spring ready. Dig your flower beds and borders, removing leaves and debris and feed your soil and plants with a good quality fertiliser. Tackle the weeds which can damage driveways and patios by growing through the cracks with a weed killer readily available from your local garden centre or DIY store. Fix any broken fences, gates or trellises to keep your garden looking good and give the shed a fresh lick of varnish or paint if it is looking a bit weathered after the long Winter.

Inspect concrete patios

As well as looking untidy, a broken patio can cause drainage problems when it rains. Prevent problems by filling cracks with concrete filler to help seal it off.

These basic tips will help you get your property looking good again after the long Winter and help you identify and solve any issues that could cost you a fortune if left unnoticed

Content accurate at time of publishing.

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