HOME: Is Thurlow Road the most colourful house in West Sussex?

Is Thurlow Road the most colourful house in West Sussex?

We think so, and it is down to the owners of this magnificent property that it is a joy to step inside their home.

Interior stylist, Gemma Gear has created a wonderland of vibrant colours, bold patterns, and plenty of accessories to create this maximalist designed home. The property invites you in through a vibrant yellow front door and leads you into a joy filled, well decorated maximalist space, which induces happiness and energy from the moment you enter.

Taking inspiration from different cultures, and having fun with fabrics, furniture, and experimenting with arts and crafts herself, this home oozes passion, and creativity. With this being Gemma’s first home, we were keen to find out more about her inspiration for this bold design and hear what’s next in store for Gemma and her partner.

As their property comes to the market, we interviewed the owners to gain an insight into their lives here.


Your home is so vibrant! What was your inspiration behind the décor of the property?

A lot our inspiration came from trips abroad. We’ve enjoyed vacations in Sri Lanka, India & Marrakech which are all places full of colour and pattern which I wanted to reflect in our own home. This is our first home, so finally being on the property ladder and having our own space to inject personality in to was such a great feeling. Colour has always been something that has massively impacted my mood and well-being… I think it’s safe to say we definitely aren’t minimalists, but the contrast of white walls with the pops of colour from furniture and accessories keeps a nice balance throughout the home.


What is your favourite thing in your home?

My favourite thing is definitely m

y pegboard wall in my office… It’s undoubtedly the most organised space in the whole house! It’s something I always longed to have and there was a bare wall in my office which I knew it would sit perfectly on. The room isn’t huge so it was a great way of maximising storage without taking up any floor space.


What was the biggest hurdle in renovating your property?

The biggest hurdle was most definitely the kitchen renovation. It’s crazy how much disruption can be caused to the whole house from just one room! When we had the kitchen renovated everything has to be put in to the dining room and living room, including the delivery of the new kitchen which meant the entire downstairs was out of bounds for two weeks. It was chaos but I think it definitely paid off as we are so happy with the finished result.


What was your biggest achievement or what are you most proud of?

Our biggest achievement was renovating the garden which was our lockdown project back in 2020. I remember us rushing to get all the materials & tools needed to complete it ourselves before all of the shops closed. We did everything ourselves, which included replacing all of the fence panels, levelling the ground and laying down artificial grass. It’s our proudest accomplishment and probably saved us a big chunk of money in labour costs as well – win, win!


Which is your favourite room and why?

My favourite room is definitely the bedroom. It’s a very spacious room which we have managed to cram a lot in to without it feeling too cluttered. The bedroom chair is often where I sit down to relax and can watch the world go by out of the window, and it also has the beautiful cast iron fireplace which is my favourite original feature in the house.


What would be your best tip/piece of advice for someone wanting to restyle their home?

Start off small! If you’re wanting to go out of your comfort zone and try a new style then start with smaller, inexpensive accessories that can easily be returned if you decide you don’t like them. When you have found a colour scheme and style you’re happy with then you’ll have more confidence to invest in bigger item; furniture, rugs and window dressings for example.


What are you looking for in your next project?

We’re definitely looking for another period property as they offer so much character and can be a great investment. We love our home but we’ve unfortunately outgrown it now and need more space. I’d love another project home that we can renovate over time, but it also needs to be in a condition that’s at least habitable so that we can take our time with the renovation and stretch our savings and budget over time.

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