Lizzie Williams reaches new heights in 2016

Lizzie Williams, our favourite Worthing athlete took 2016 by the horns and has been riding the wave of success all year; reaching new heights in wheelchair racing, experiencing life in London and studying like a pro.

Lizzie caught our attention earlier in 2016, when we heard how she had become third in the country for her wheelchair-racing category (T54), in just one year. What makes this more remarkable is that Lizzie achieved this in a borrowed wheelchair that was not quite fit for purpose.

In an effort to help Lizzie progress further, Michael Jones and others from Worthing’s community came together for a special fundraising dinner, which resulted in securing Lizzie a new wheelchair that would enable her to race without previous technical limitations.

Beating her personal best in four different races…

It would be an understatement to call Lizzie’s achievements this year great. Her dedication to wheelchair racing has resulted in her stripping large chunks of time from not one, but four separate races, each with their own set of difficulties to overcome. Below we can see just how many seconds she has taken off each race – it’s very impressive.

100m – From 20.63secs to 19.64secs (0.99)

200m – From 50.07secs to 35.17secs (14.9)

400m – From 75.76secs to 66.14secs (9.62)

800m – From 3mins:23.53secs to 2mins:11.96secs (11.57)

These personal bests say something about the enjoyment Lizzie gets from her sport. We caught up with her earlier this month where she told us a little of what she has been up to:

“Last month I returned from Switzerland again after being invited to compete at the penultimate Diamond League of the 2016 series which was in Zurich. I am pleased to say this was the greatest experience of my career so far, racing in a stadium with Olympians who had just returned from Rio, and in front of a crowd of 30,000 people!”.

Lizzie is now enrolled at Brunel University in London where she studies Sport, Health and Exercise Science, taking this just as as seriously as her racing career. Her unceasing optimism and dedication to her sport and academic studies is inspiring and just like Lizzie we are looking forward to what 2017 brings:

“I continue the hard work now this winter, to grow and continue getting stronger, faster and smarter to go out in 2017 and have another incredible national and international season!”.

We will keep you updated with Lizzie’s achievements but you can also follow Lizzie through her Facebook and Twitter pages to show your support.

Content accurate at time of publishing.

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